Packing Tips

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Packing Tips

The task of gathering up and packing all of your personal possessions can be intimidating. You can save yourself time, effort, and especially money with just a little advance planning and organizing.

  • Sort through those items you have “been meaning to get rid of” and do it!
  • Dispose of any hazardous items such as cleaners, paint, solvents, ammunition, or aerosol cans in the appropriate manner – they cannot be moved!
  • Other items that should not go in the moving truck are any personal valuables, i.e. cash, jewelry, or important personal papers. Those items should go with you.
  • Try to pack like things together, for example, kitchen or bathroom items. Since you know the layout of your home, you can have the cartons labeled according to the room in which they will be placed at the new destination.

A Woleslagel Moving Co. professional packer is trained to give you expert advice in organizing your packing effort. In addition, Woleslagel Moving can provide you with specific materials to further simplify the job. Some of these materials include:

  • Book Boxes (1.5 cu. ft.) – These are small, easy to handle, designed for heavier items such as books and tapes or cds. We recommend that any old or valuable books should be individually wrapped. Please don’t pack the box so heavily that you can’t pick it up! Note: these boxes are also available in 3.0 cu. ft. & 4.5 cu. ft. sizes.
  • Dish packs – These sturdy boxes are meant to provide maximum protection for fragile dishware and glassware, figurines, or sculptures. We recommend that all individual pieces be wrapped using unprinted paper, and properly secured with an additional padding. The dish pack container should be labeled “Fragile” on at least two sides!
  • Wardrobe – This sturdy carton is also known as a “portable closet”. Clothes can be stored on hangers, minimizing wrinkles and keeping your clothes clean.
  • Mirror/Picture Boxes – Are specially made to provide the correct fit to ensure a safe trip for mirrors, pictures, or glass tabletops. Heavy corrugated braces reinforce corners, and the carton telescopes for snug protection.
  • Mattress Boxes – These are available in crib size all the way up through king size. This is the best way to protect your mattress from snags, dirt, and structural damage.

Woleslagel Moving Co. strongly advises you to use correct materials if you choose to do your own packing. Should you not have the time or the inclination to pack yourself, use the Woleslagel Moving Co. professionals to take care of your packing, so your time is then free to concern yourself with other commitments, or simply relax!

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